WinPC-NC Economy

Since 2018 WinPC-NC Economy will not be developed further. If you are using a WinPC-NC Economy license and want to update to our new version 3, we can offer you an upgrade to our WinPC-NC USB software.

This version of WinPC-NC is controlling the connected machine directly by the computer integrated LPT printer port and is fitted with a true realtime system which is integrated in the Windows system for accurately timed generation of motor signals. These version is running in reliable and constant mode on modern desktop computers with at least 2GHz clock pulse rate rate and thus the motor run is smooth and constant.

Please note, that interferences may occur in motor controlling.These interferences result from the complete true realtime tasks which are running under the Windows system. If Windows performs computationally intensive tasks while running in the background, while parallel running processes or with insignificant waiting periods during access to the system or to other components, the motor controlling may become unproper or is gently stopped.

However, in 95 % of the cases there are no problems during installation and the machine runs excellently and properly. In other cases, we recommend to deactivate and remove as many background programs as possible, which are not required, e. g. virus scanners, Windows update functions, network access, optimization programs in the background and other similiar applications.

Besides the worlwide known clock/direction signals for motor controlling, WinPC-NC Economy is able to control the popular SMC stepper motor cards, which do not use clock/direction signals but are directly serviced by current-sourcing specimen for motor windings.The mode of application can also be changed after installation.

WinPC-NC Economy solely run under WindowsXP (32-Bit), Windows Vista (32-Bit) and Windows7 (32-Bit) as of february 2015.



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