...the software that turns your standard PC into a universal stepper motor NC unit.

Easy start-up procedure

WinPC-NC is delivered with pre-adjustments and can easily be started. A userfriendly and easily comprehensible step-by-step instruction guide is provided in the enclosed manual or in the corresponding PDF-manual on the CD. In addition to the standard motor signals you can use other specific signals as supplementary inputs or outputs. Definition and assignment of signals can easily be effected by using the integrated signal assistant. The determination of the optimal axes parameters is simply made by using the tuning function. Due to a lot of test functions and a detailed description it is no problem to reset/upgrade existing machines or other control programs.



Intelligent lookahead system

 WinPC-NC is designed as a real contouring system which always determines and sets the optimum speed by efficient and powerful look-ahead functions.

During an automatic job the machine runs uniformly by using the best possible speed. There is no break and travelling is optimally in conformity with the following contour.


Real multitasking

WinPC-NC can be considered as a real multitasking program which never blocks the operation of Windows or any other programs. After activating a traversing task at the machine it is no problem to change over to other applications, e.g. to a CAD program in order to construct the next component. However, the quality of realtime controlling of drive systems and machines may be impaired by system enviroment influences, computer hardware and other installed programs which are running in the background. Furthermore, it is recommended that the used computer is equipped with at least 1 Ghz system clock and the operating system of WindowsXP and Windows 8. Please observe the corresponding compatibility table for the individual program versions, because each version requires it‘s appropriate operating system.
The table mentioned is available here in pdf format.




Userfriendly machine operation

The various functions in WinPC-NC .provide full control of the connected machine. JOG move is made in exact steps by keyboard, mousebuttons, joystick, 3D-mouse or handwheel.


By using various test functions, parameters can be optimized, axis settings can be tuned or inputs and outputs can be checked.


There are different background colors for the working space.
Here you will find a detailled version comparision as pdf document.


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