FAQ for all variants of version 3.0

General operation

  • How can the language setting be changed? Open or Close

    Go to the Parameters menu and select the Basic settings-Display/Operation tab. Click on the Language pop up and select your language. Click Save. Click OK. Exit WinPC-NC and restart it.

  • How can I use my Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)? Open or Close

    WinPC-NC USB has support for simple tool changers. More complex tool changes (e.g. revolver / turret / receptacle magazines, magazine position monitoring, collet monitoring) require WinPC-NC Professional.

  • Why am I experiencing lost steps or misalignment of axes? Open or Close

    The most frequent cause is motor chopping - a motor's rotor is not able to comply to the demands of its rotating magnetic field - and positioning becomes inexact. This is commonly known as losing steps.

    Common reasons are:

    • The motor is unable to overcome the mechanical load it is expected to handle.
      Dirt, dust, or chips may have accumulated on drive screws or another parts of the drive mechanism. Insufficient or improper drive mechanism lubrication. Accumulated damage to the drive mechanism (e.g. accumulated pitting) due to the reasons mentioned above.


    • Aggressive speed or acceleration settings.
      The stepper motor is being asked to perform actions that it cannot physically comply with. Use WinPC-NC Motor Test procedure (in the Special Functions menu) to better tune the stepper motor settings.


    • Mechanical resonances (due to vibrations).
      This problem appears when movements of a certain, critical speed are requested; they often appear at specific places within the work volume of the machine. Perform a systematic cleaning and lubrication of axes. If the problem persists, Use the WinPC-NC Motor Test procedure (in the Special Functions menu) to better tune the stepper motor settings. Pay particular attention to reducing the speed settings, especially the rapid speed.


    • Drop outs due to background Windows activities.
      Disable any Windows power saving features, especially those that affect USB ports.

      Older versions of WinPC-NC - where the stepper motors are driving directly via LPT ports -  may experience drop outs due to  background activities such as virus checkers, power saving settings, or networking activities. These activities will have to be disabled while WinPC-NC is running.
  • How to use the tool length sensor? Open or Close

    A special steady-state sensor has to be attached for using this function. Some users arrange only for one pick-up in which the overhung sensor is inserted. This position is displayed under parameter-tool length as position of the length measuring sensor. If you now use tools of various lengths and want them to be automatically measured and compensated, you have to proceed as follows...

    • insert any kind of tool, preferably this one which has been used in the first job
    • defining the inserted tool in WinPC-NC via Change Dialog (Move – Change). Now, the corresponding tool number must be displayed in the status bar and the tool can be measured by Tool Dialog.Thus WinPC-NC is able to identify the reference tool and the corresponding length of the tool.
    • Now, the Z-zeropoint has to be determined, e. g. by scratching the surface
    • Start the job nowAfter finishing these steps, WinPC-NC starts the job and is able to measure the length of the new tool after each tool change. It ascertains the difference to the reference tool and compensates the value with each groove into the material.
  • Mode of operation of the surface sensor Open or Close

    This function requires an overhung sensor which can be set onto the workpiece or the sliding plate/grooved plate and which is then moved from above. By switching the contact WinPC-NC stores the current Z-position, adds up the gauge of the sensor derived from the parameters and determines the value as Z-zeropoint or as maximum Z-depth.

    This procedure means a simple method for measuring the surface automatically as zeropoint without the necessity for strenuous scratching.

  • Crash while loading an NC file, No graphical interface appears, A thread error apears Open or Close

    By default, WinPC-NC version 3 depends on the hardware acceleration of a properly functioning OpenGL3 driver. Downloading and installings the latest driver for your graphics card will often fix these problems.

    If one or more of these problems persist after updating your graphics card device driver, disabling graphic acceleration within WinPC-NC will solve these problerms.

    The disable hardware acceleration setting is found in Parameter-Basic settings-Display. Save your parameters and restart WinPC-NC.

  • Filou NC data transfer does not work correctly, Jogging causes the machine to move endlessly Open or Close

    This errors are solved in version 3.00/08.

    You will find the latest version in the download area.

  • Pendant/Hand controller does not work or reacts slowly, 3D Space Mouse does not work Open or Close

    This errors are solved in version 3.00/08.

    You will find the latest version in the download area.

  • Buttons, Text and menus are to small Open or Close

    In WinPC-NC version 3 the size of these things can be increased via the magnification setting located in Parameter-Basic settings-Display. Select the factor that works best for you.

    Save your parameters and restart WinPC-NC.

  • How to move your parameter settings from an older version of WinPC-NC to the latest version Open or Close
    1. Start your current version of WinPC-NC and save your parameters via Parameter-Save profile.
    2. Start the new version of WinPC-NC and use Parameter-Load profile to load saved parameter data.
    3. Save your parameters via Parameter-Save profile and restart WinPC-NC.

    Alternatively you can copy the WCNCCON.SYS and WINPCNC.WPI+WPW files from the installation directory of the older version of WinPC-NC to the newer installation directory.


WinPC-NC Starter


WinPC-NC USB / WinPC-NC Light (nc100)

  • Is is possible to use a longer USB cable? Open or Close

    Yes... but high quality USB cables that ensure reliable operation are difficult to find. We can only certify proper operation when using the cable shipped from us.

  • The message "Failure in USB communication" appears. What's wrong? Open or Close

    All versions of the Windows operating system implement power management features. The power management features are responsible for switching off currently unused devices and switching them on again when they are required (e.g. your monitor is turned off after a period of inactivity; moving your mouse or touching your keyboard causes it to be turned back on).

    The power saving features also control USB ports and devices. This message appears when Windows has powered off the port necessary for accessing an nc100 or ncUSB . Locate the USB power management settings and disable all USB power management features.


WinPC-NC Professional

  • Old axis controller does not start and squeaks. What is wrong? Open or Close

    The CPU boards integrated in our axis controllers are equipped with a battery with a 10 years service life. Starting problems or repeated squeaking may occur, if the battery gets weaker. In this case, please return the controllers or the CPU board. We will replace the battery and arrange for cold booting. We will charge approx. 75,00 EUR for this replacemennt or repair plus charges for returning the devices, any other existing defect will be charged additionally.

  • My computer does not have an RS232 port. Is it possible to use USB? Open or Close

    The CNCCONS external motion controller uses an RS-232C for its communications. Since todays machines no longer come with serial ports, a USB-to-RS232C adapter must be used. These adapters are widely available and cab purchased on the open marker or special ordered from us.

    The cost of a USB-to-RS-232C adapter is typically 25 EUR.

  • Red dot and machine position are not being updated Open or Close

    The motion controller firmware does not support the required functionality for these features. A firmware update, that fixes these issues is available.

    Look inside the WinPC-NC Professional installation folder for the firmware update procedure.

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