Stepper motor cards and stepper motor controllers

For a direct activation of stepper motors we offer our Step3S card which has been refined in technology and successfully approved for many years. Besides the possibilty of controlling 3 to 4 axes, this card also provides many useful additional options for fast and easy retrofitting or resetting smaller CNC machines. We focused on presenting a state-of-the-art design and a technology that fulfils all requirements of applications as realized in the last years.

For the activation of stepper motors the Step3S card can be aquired as single part or as a complete package integrated in an appropriate and robust desktop casing. Additionally, we can provide relevant stepper motors in any price and performance categories as individually required. Detailed information to stepper motors can be obtained in the menu products-accessories-motors.



An overview concerning technical data

  • AC or DC voltage without external stabilization, e. g. toroidal-core transformer (12-30VAC or 15-42VDC)
  • Control signals directly from a PC printer port (LPT)
  • Full-, half-, quarter, 8th and 1/16th step or 1/2.5 to 1/10th step resolution (sinusoidal micro step)
  • Connection for three 2phase stepper motors, unipolar or bipolar
  • Optional drivers card Step1S for 4th axis as plug-in module
  • Phase current from 1A up to 3A for each axis, individually adjustable in 0.25A steps
  • Software controlled current reduction in standby-mode
  • Ready switch or emergency stop switch acts as enable signal directly to power stages, e. g. on a protection hood
  • Terminal for 5 limit and/or reference switches oradditional signals
  • 3 relay outputs (suitable 230V), e. g. main spindle/boring spindle, coolant pump, chuck
  • LEDs to signal operational status, it is possibleto integrate LEDs into front plate of housing
  • Protection circuit with toggle in order to avoidundefined status
  • PWM signal evaluation and output 0-10V for spindle control
  • Combined plug and screw terminals for easy installation and maintenance
  • Standard version for ambient temperature up to 50° C, special HT version for ambient temperature of up to 70°C
  • Monitoring of motor phase short circuit and temperature
  • Detailed technical operating instructions
  • Power-up time adjustable
  • Dimensions 130 x 150 x 52 mm


Fully compatible with WinPC-NC and other control programs

The stepper motor driver board Step3S is ready for use immediately after being connected with WinPC-NC, PC-Posi or CNC-Control. Pinning is fully compatible to the output signalsof these CNC programs and functions on any LPT interfaces. Furthermore, it is possible to use Step3S in combination with other programs, e. g. Mach3 and NCdrive.


Step1SRetrofitting 4th axis card

By using the small additional module Step1S which is directly plugged and screwed on the main board it is possible to modify Step3S into a 4 axes stepper motor card. Settings for signals, resolutions and current of the 4th axis are directly made on the main board as it is the case of the 3 main axes.


Delivery package

The stepper motor driver board Step3S is available in four various versions. A detailed instruction manual and the corresponding connectioncables are included in the package. The pluggable module Step1S includes all small components and accessories for a fast and uncomplicated assembly.

  • Step3S for ambient temperature up to 50°C
  • Step3S-HT for ambient temperature up to 70°C
  • Step1S as optional additional module for 4th axis
  • Step1S-HT as optional additional module for 4th axis and a temperature up to 70°C


StepMAX – Step3S with casing and power supply

StepMAX Our stepper motor driver board Step3S is also available with the individual required power supply and with a functional desk-top casing. This is the best solution concerning control systems for all selfmade-users who intend to createtheir own specific units as they can obtain any kind of control software and the corresponding electronics from one single source.


Technical data StepMAX

  • simple connection 230VAC
  • all terminals pluggable on one side
  • adjustable for 3 or 4 stepper motors with phase current 1-3A
  • axis resolution individually adjustable for each axis
  • activation LPT compatible with 1:1 cable
  • well dimensioned power in order to move 3D pathes without any problems
  • 1 relay output on Schuko socket outlet 230VAC
  • 1 relay output potential-free on 2 terminals
  • 5 inputs on subD plug
  • emerngency stop contact for external connection
  • analogue output 0-10V for speed control
  • delivery incl. power cable, LPT cable and description for connection
  • applicable and fully compatible with all our control programs or products of other manufacturers

StepMAX3/3 0 – for 3 axes up to 3A phase current
StepMAX4/3 0 – for 4 axes up to 3A phase current

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