Realizing own applications

The axis controller CPU CNC-Control,as it is used in our WinPC-NC Professional, allows the development of own control programs and applications and thus the machines together with all accessory components can be controlled.

Many of our customers have already realized own projects on this basis for handling special tasks in the following application areas:

  • measured-value acquisition
  • handling and robot tasks
  • feeding machines or removing tools from machines
  • visual inspection
  • dispensing tasks
  • machine controllers with specific graphic user interface
  • and much more besides ...

Our axes controllers CPU CNC-Control are connected by a serial RS232 or USB connection to a superordinated host-computer or a PLC control system and programming is made by simple text commands. Consequently any kind of movements ofall axes, the switching of output signals, the synchronization with sensor signals and even complex motion sequences can easily be realized.


According to the individual requirements and applications of our customers we can provide various models and configurations of the axes controllers CPU and even our CNCMAX controllers with integrated power stages can thus be operated. On request we are gladly prepared to arrange a user-specific package with a customized control unit system and the desired components or accessory parts.

Though there is no basic requirement to use our WinPC-NC Professional for realizing own control programs, we recommend its application at least during the development phase for easier analyzing and reproducing interface and protocol and, furthermore it can serve as reference.

All modes and commands are cleary explained on the basis of examples in the existing programming manual for CNC-Control. Thus it is more than easy for the user to understand and master them. Furthermore it is possible to save most settings concerning machine and mechanical system permanently in the memory of the axis controller. This means that only a few commands are required for the actual control by the new control program. The following sequence of commands may serve as example for starting the system, the movement at two specific positions and the output switching:

@M1 Mode switching in mode 1 (travel command)
$Hxy Reference run of axes X and Y in this order with pre-defined speeds and to defined switches and input signals, thereafter automatic approach to any zero point
$E1,X10000,Y5000 Diagonal travel with fast speed 1 to position X=10mm and Y=5mm
$A01 Switching output HIGH
$E2,y12300 Travel with low speed 2 of Y-axis by 12,3mm, i.e. to the new target position 17,3mm
$A00 Switching output LOW
$E1,X0,Y0 Fast return/retracing of axes X and Y with speed 1 to the zero point

During the individual travels it is possible at anytime to read out or to ascertain the actual position or the condition of motions of the axes. It is also possible to query the input signals in order to synchronize the follow-up procedure. Otheravailable modes enable path traversings with look-ahead function or speed-controlled movements, for example as it is performed by a joystick.


In the case of requiring or realizing special applications without being involved in mechanics oneself, we are sure that our CNC-Controlmeans the ideal solution by presenting quick results. Let us have your inquiry without any obligation by specifying the required tasks.

On request we are gladly prepared to dispatch our programming manual for CNC-Control. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

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