WinPC-NC for StepFour machines


The Austrian company StepFour built CNC machines for many years and controlled them with a comfortable and very extensive MS-DOS software. The interface assignment of the used controls is known and we can supply e.g. for the control SF-C2 a suitable adapter cable or give the instructions for the production.Thus the operation with our WinPC-NC is possible very well and reliably.

It can be used to convert e.g. the machines StepFour Basic 540 but also other models easily.

If also themachine controller needs to be replaced, we have already brought many machines back to life with our CNCMAX complete controller in connection with WinPC-NC Professional and a suitable adapter cable. We also have a comprehensive description of these adapter cable if you want to make it on your own.

In all cases the old StepFour machines run again excellently with our WinPC-NC and can continue to fulfill the long-time successful manufacturing tasks.



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